Rule Changes for 2016-2017

  • Level descriptions and rider classifications have been updated.
  • Judges: Judges used at all IDA recognized competitions must be either US Equestrian Federation licensed dressage or eventing judges ('r', 'R', or 'S') or USDF 'L' graduates.

  • Points: Riders who accumulate 35 points at the Introductory, Lower training or Upper training level that rider is no longer eligible to compete at that level

  • 7.4 Over and Under Subscription B. If more slots are available after a team from each school has been entered, the first spot at each level shall be awarded to the hosting school. This will consist of one individual at each level. The remaining spots will be individual spots given out on a fair rotation. An example of such a rotation can be seen in Appendix B; scramble rotation. 

Article 9
Dressage Seat Equitation
( **note DSE division will not be held at Nationals in 2016-2017)

Rule Changes for 2015-2016

Addition of Dressage Seat Equitation

  • Article 10 in the rules
  • A score sheet and direction on judging can be found on the IDA Website

    Final rules for Emergency Preparedness Plan and Safety Coordinator

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan: Each show manager is responsible for preparing an emergency preparedness plan.  The form can be found on the IDA website and must be included in the prize list and submitted to the regional representative and the IDA National Secretary 2 weeks prior to each competition
    • A fillable form of this plan can be found on the IDA website
  • Safety Coordinator: Each show must designate a safety coordinator as required by the emergency preparedness plan; with the responsibility of coordinating emergency response in the ring and warm-up area. This individual can be a qualified medical personnel or a lay person but must have no other responsibilities at the show except emergency response. The individual must be clearly identified and have access to emergency phone numbers and directions to the facility. It is recommended that this individual be a qualified medical person. Hosting schools are required to follow the emergency personnel guidelines of the hosting college or facility

Acceptable Payment Methods

  • All individual and team memberships must be received through PayPal or School check two weeks prior to first show


  • 4.3.E: Designated Team Representative/Coach
    • Monitoring the use of whips and spurs during the parade, warm-up and the performance of the test. These aids must be used according to the restrictions published with the horse description
  • 5.1.H: Horses Qualification
    • The use of auxiliary aids such as whip and spurs shall be at the discretion of the host college and must be clearly posted before the start of competition. All riders must abide by this positing or elimination of the rider will result. If there is no written restriction, it is presumed that all other USEF approved auxiliary aids are allowed.
  • 6.1 Warm Up
    • At the show management’s discretion, the horses used later in the day may be warmed-up for a second time prior to competition for no more than 15 minutes with the approval of the show stewards. Hand walking, or walking on a long rein is allowed at the show management’s discretion.
  • 7.1.5 Prize List
    • Include Emergency Preparedness Plan with the prize list
  • 8.5.B: Show Procedure: Parade of Horses
    • The object of the parade is to provide the compeittors an opportunity to view the horses an and make horse/rider pairings, to warm up the horses appropriately, and to show them to the best of their abilities. Ideally, the horses will be presented by non-compeitng riders. In the best interest of a proper warm-up, competing riders are asked to parade horses, the horse/rider combinations should be posted prior to draw. (Regional competitions only)

Rule Changes for 2014-2015

2.2 Show Officials
Extraordinary Rule Change: Effective January 1, 2015

Show management must provide qualified medical personnel on grounds for all scheduled performances and an ambulance on the show grounds or on call for the entire scheduled performance. Qualified medical personnel is a currently certified or licensed EMT or Paramedic, or a Physician or nurse trained in pre-hospital trauma care and currently certified or licensed in their profession. A physician or nurse trained in prehospital trauma care is a physician or nurse who is currently certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Basic Trauma Life Support, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, or who has First Responder or comparable certification. It is strongly recommended that EMTs and/or Paramedics be used to fill this position. Medical personnel must not exceed the scope of their practice. All medical personnel must be readily identifiable and the area where they are available must be designated and readily accessible."

4.1.f.1 Riders
Addition of fence heights for eventing divisions (rider classification rules). See Sample for 2014 - 2015 Rider Classification Questions. 

11.1.f. Team Standings
Total placing points of the top 3 riders on each team are added together to get the total placing points.  (Example: a team with first, second and third place finishers would obtain 7 + 5 + 4 =16 points for a particular show.)

13.2 Entry Fees and Show Dues
Regional Shows: IDA Show fees shall be a minimum of one hundred forty (140) dollars per team of up to four (4) members per school. Individual Entry fees  are thirty-five (35) dollars per individual for each person in addition to the team of four (4). (

Regions may choose to increase the entry fees up to $180 per team if necessary to cover show costs. Any increase in show entry fees above the minimum must be voted on by the members of the region.

New for 2013 – 2014

Note: If you have lost your login information please use the instructions provided to retrieve your username and reset your password. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT FOR YOUR SCHOOL OR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS. Contact Jackie for help in accessing your account -

All membership dues must be sent directly to the National Secretary/Treasurer, two weeks prior to the first show you wish to compete in. Dues should be made out to IDA or Intercollegiate Dressage Association and mailed to;

Jackie Dwelle, 30080 Deercroft Drive, Wagram, NC 28396

Paying with PayPal

Once you are logged into the members site, you will have the option of paying your membership dues using your credit card or PayPal account. There will be a small charge per/transaction for this online service.

To ensure you membership is activated, you must submit online dues two weeks prior to your first show. Contact Jackie at with any questions regarding memberships.


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