2015 National Championships

Held:  Austin E. Knowlton Center for Equine Science, Westerville, OH
Host: Otterbein Unversity 


Team Competition

  1. Emory and Henry College
  2. Virginia Tech
  3. Otterbein University
  4. Centenary College
  5. Johnson & Wales University
  6. University of Connecticut
  7. University of Findlay
  8. Averett University
  9. University of Florida
  10. University of New Hampshire
  11. Miami University
  12. Cal Poly 

Individual Competition

First Level

  1. Kelsie Bricker, Otterbein University 
  2. Meghan Slaughter, Cal Poly
  3. Meghan Watt, University of Florida
  4. Julia Grella, University of New Hampshire
  5. Jorgen Olijslager, Centenary College
  6. Paige Beliveau, Albion College
  7. Kristen Gore, Appalachian State
  8. Tara Proulx, Johnson & Wales University
  9. Sharlee Lowe, Otterbein University
  10. Micah Andrews, Averett University
  11. Willa Brown, University of Massachusetts 
  12. Nicolas Martino, Emory and Henry College

Upper Training

  1. Isabel Hernandez, Virginia Tech 
  2. Bailey Halverson, Emory and Henry College
  3. Kailey Giancola, Otterbein College
  4. Amy Neale, Central Florida 
  5. Emilie Erhman, University of Findlay
  6. Grace Perkins, University of Connecticut 
  7. Hannah Walters, Averett University 
  8. Jackson Regen, Albion College 
  9. Samantha Burke, Johnson & Wales University 
  10. Billie Jean Jones, Wilson College
  11. Victoria Greenen, Stanford University  
  12. Claire Pollard, St. Andrews

Lower Training

  1. Stephanie Calas, Mount Holyoke College 
  2. Samantha Russell, University of Findlay
  3. Maggie McKitrick, Cal Poly
  4. Jackie Cimino, University of Massachusetts 
  5. Bethany Juber, Cazenovia College
  6. Bari Stimpson, Central Florida
  7. Kelsey Poleyeff, Miami University 
  8. Karissa Donohue, Emory and Henry College
  9. Jasmine Jencks, Johnson & Wales University
  10. Elizabeth Treece, North Carolina State
  11. Ally Lebaron, University of Maine
  12. Morgan Sollenberger, Emory and Henry College

Introductory Level

  1. Meagan Rosenberg, Wake Forest
  2. Keren Rottschafer, University of Findlay
  3. Haley Gorman, University of Connecticut
  4. Sarah Reega, University of New Hampshire
  5. Jourdan Tonti, Albion College
  6. Kathryn Palmes, North Carolina State
  7. Elise Heine, University of Connecticut 
  8. Bralen Lamoureux, Virginia Tech 
  9. Amy McDonlad, Cal Poly
  10. Rebecca Gray, Central Florida
  11. Ashley Jungclas, Otterbein College
  12. Makayla Lingerman, Centenary College 

IDA/USDF Quiz Challenge

Grand Champion:
Amanda Arnold, from Averett University, scored 100% on both the qualifying round and the Championship round

First Level:
1st-Amanda Arnold Averett University 100%
2nd-Madison Keys Johnson and Wales
3rd-Ashley Grandis North Carolina State University                                                               
4th-Paige Beliveau Albion College
5th Kelsie Bricker Otterbein University
6th Alison Coyle North Carolina State University 

Upper Training:

1st-Jennifer Parker Vermont Technical College 98%
2nd-Samantha Burke Johnson and Wales
3rd-Leah Backus Longwood University
4th-Hannah Walters Averett University
5th-Kailey Giancola Otterbein University
6th-Alexis Rosetti University of Florida

 Lower Training:
1st-Nicole Bartell Michigan State University 81%
2nd-Sydney Owen Averett University
3rd-Lauren Hall University of Florida 

1st-Jessica Stipic Averett University 95%
2nd-Kristen Kelley Averett University
3rd-Kimberly Beaudoin Cazenovia
4th-Kathryn Palmes North Carolina State University
5th-Amanda DeBellis Mount Holyoke College



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