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NEW!!! for 2018 – 2019. All coaches must take the coaches test.
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NOTE: Returning riders will have to fill out a new rider classification form. This may put them in a different division from last year. If your returning rider’s are incorrectly classified ask your regional rep. to change it.

The ideal of the Introductory Division is to encourage exposure to the riders new to the sport of dressage. Coaches and Riders are requested to abide by this philosophy.

Memberships and show revenues do not cover all the costs associated with fulfilling our mission. A donation of any amount will help IDA to continue to offer team competition leading to end of year awards. 

 The mission of IDA is to introduce students to the equestrian discipline of dressage and to foster continued development, understanding and appreciation in the art of dressage through organized student competitions and educational opportunities. 

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