Honors & Awards

In recognition of performance, service and sportsmanship IDA is pleased to award several perpetual trophies and special honors each year.

The Beukema National Team Championship Trophy

The coveted bronze, Beukema National Team Championship Trophy designed by Trotting Horse Park is awarded each year to the highest placing team. Teams are honored to have their names inscribed on the mahogany base topped with its statuesque horse in piaffe, the essence of balance and collection. Previous winners are:


  • 2024 Emory and Henry College
  • 2023 Otterbein University
  • 2022 Otterbein University
  • 2019 Otterbein University
  • 2018 Emory and Henry College
  • 2017 Averett University
  • 2016 Emory and Henry College
  • 2015 Emory and Henry College
  • 2014 Virginia Intermont College
  • 2013 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2012 Johnson & Wales University
  • 2011 Lake Erie College
  • 2010 Virginia Intermont College
  • 2009 University of New Hampshire
  • 2008 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2007 Virginia Intermont College
  • 2006 Virginia Intermont College
  • 2005 Lake Erie College
  • 2004 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2003 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2002 Mount Holyoke College

Mary Beth McLain Memorial Trophy for Introductory Champion

The Mary Beth McLain Perpetual Trophy is awarded in the honor of Mary Beth McLain, a renowned dressage rider who won numerous prestigious horse riding events throughout her career. Mary Beth became involved in intercollegiate dressage while working with the St. Andrews Presbyterian College Equestrian Program. In memory of her many contributions to St. Andrews Intercollegiate Dressage team, her skills in both riding and teaching and her generosity of spirit, we present the Mary Beth McLain Perpetual Trophy to the champion Individual Introductory Level rider.


  • 2024 Caroline Kargenian, Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo
  • 2023 Skylar Shaw, Emory & Henry College
  • 2022 Jodie Miller, Centenary University
  • 2019 Katie Kelley, University of New Hampshire
  • 2018 Delaney Dunne, Emory & Henry College
  • 2017 Megan Leclerc, University of Otterbein
  • 2016 Sierra Davenport, Emory & Henry College
  • 2015 Meagan Rosenberg, Wake Forest University
  • 2014 Kelly Barnes, Virginia Intermont College
  • 2013 Randall Wiseman, Delaware Valley College
  • 2012 Bree Greer, California
  • Polytechnic State University
  • 2011 Sara Edmunson, University of Florida
  • 2010 Averi Frederiksen, Virginia Intermont College
  • 2008 Krista Hayes, Virginia Intermont College
  • 2009 Colleen Grant, Otterbein College
  • 2007 Emily Maus, Mount Holyoke College
  • 2006 Janne Matzner-Gore, Mount Holyoke College

Trip Harting Memorial Trophy

Individual First Level Champion

Trip Harting judged the IDA National Championships in 2005 at Lake Erie College and 2006 at St. Andrews Presbyterian College and was one of IDA’s most prominent supporters.

Harting was honored as a “living legend” in Pony Club, an international federation that encourages young riders to pursue equestrian excellence and team participation. Harting was a  major supporter of the  youth equestrian education and competition, starting many programs including intercollegiate competitions throughout the country. He traveled extensively around the world reaching clinics and attending events as a United States Equestrian Federation Senior Dressage judge who was well respected and very popular. He was known for his friendliness to the competitors, always saying, “I hope you have a great ride,” before each competitor entered the ring and, “Thank you very much,” at the end. He was also a very sought-after clinician, often donating his time especially for the youth in his country.

This trophy was created to ensure that Trip’s enthusiasm and support for young riders and his contributions to the Intercollegiate Dressage Association and collegiate riding will not be forgotten. The perpetual trophy will go to the winner of the individual first-level division at the IDA National Championship.


  • 2024 Abby Fodor, Centenary University
  • 2023 Valerie Golden, Otterbein University
  • 2022 Sophia Wayner, Centenary University
  • 2019 Melissa Lempicki, Bridgewater College
  • 2018 Norah Young, Otterbein University
  • 2017 Meghan Watt, University of Florida
  • 2016 Samantha Majors, NC State University
  • 2015 Kelsie Bricker, Otterbein University
  • 2014 Natasha Sprengers-Levine, University of Vermont
  • 2013 Julie McNellis, Johnson & Wales
  • 2012 Katie Ehlers, Centenary College
  • 2011 Caroline Fenkel, Delaware Valley College
  • 2010 Jessica Forend, Johnson & Wales
  • 2009 Greg L. Schmid, Otterbein College


The Hoffman Reserve National Team Championship Trophy

The Reserve National Team Champion is awarded a trophy in honor of Michelle Hoffman, who was a student at Mt. Holyoke and the originator of the IDA concept. The lovely mixed media trophy is designed by Geoff Herguth.


  • 2024 Otterbein University
  • 2023 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2022 Johnson & Wales University
  • 2019 Averett University
  • 2018 Otterbein University
  • 2017 Mount Holyoke College
  • 2016 Averett University
  • 2015 Virginia Tech
  • 2014 Otterbein University
  • 2013 Johnson & Wales University
  • 2012 University of Findlay
  • 2011 Delaware Valley College
  • 2010 University of Florida
  • 2009 Virginia Intermont College
  • 2008 University of Massachusetts/Amherst

IDA Hall of Fame

The IDA Hall of Fame Award recognizes outstanding service in an administrative capacity to the functioning of the association. Without hours of volunteerism, IDA could not function in its daily operations as a 501c3 organization on both the national and regional level. We honor an outstanding individual each year and present them with a plaque. Thank you to all who serve.


  • 2024 Kristen Kelly McLaughlin, IDA Board Member
  • 2023 Elizabeth Williams, FEI Technical Delegate
  • 2022 Shannon Lehman, IDA Board Member
  • 2019 Kim Beaudoin, IDA Board Memeber
  • 2018 Leslie Hoover, IDA Board Member
  • 2017 Crystal Taylor, Johnson & Wales University
  • 2016 Ginger Henderson, Averett University, IDA Board Member
  • 2015 Kari Briggs, Otterbein University, IDA Board Member
  • 2014 Teresa McDonald, Virginia Tech, IDA Founding Member (posthumous)
  • 2013 Suzanne Mente, IDA Board Member
  • 2012 Sarah Simms, Centenary College
  • 2011 Bridgette Boland, University of Florida
  • 2010 Rebecca Schurink, Mount Holyoke College
  • 2009 Lisa Moosmueller-Terry, Virginia Intermont College
  • 2008 Michelle Hoffman, IDA Founder
  • 2007 Jackie Dwelle, St. Andrews Presbyterian College
  • 2006 Beth Beukema, Johnson & Wales University
  • 2005 Lanier Cordell, IDA Founding Member

KTB Creative Group Team Spirit Award

This awarded is presented to the team that displays the most school spirit at IDA Nationals. Spirit includes helping others, being kind to fellow competitors, and showing pride in their school and organization.


  • 2024 University of Florida
  • 2023 Emory & Henry College
  • 2022 Centenary University

Malloot Trophy for Most Valuable Horse

  • 2024 Allia, Hidden K Stables
  • 2023 Renee, Emory & Henry College
  • 2022 Uriah ISF, Emory & Henry College
  • 2019 Kermit, Otterbein University
  • 2018 D’artagnan, Lake Erie College

Team Sportsmanship Award

Each region may nominate one team per year for the Team Sportsmanship Award. The team represents the ideals of sportsmanship, achievement, and dedication to IDA. Team leadership, initiative and service are honored through this award.


  • 2019 Bridgewater College
  • 2016 University of Massachusetts
  • 2015 Midway College
  • 2014 Post University
  • 2013 Miami University of Ohio
  • 2012 University of Maine
  • 2011 Otterbein University
  • 2010 Lenoir Rhyne and Appalachian State Universities
  • 2009 University of Findlay
  • 2008 North Carolina State University
  • 2007 University of Vermont
  • 2006 Elon University
  • 2005 University of Connecticut

Teresa McDonald Coach of the Year Award

The Teresa McDonald Coach of the Year Award honors an individual who represents the ideals of sportsmanship, achievement, and dedication to their team and region. The coaches are the backbone of IDA and represent the heart of the organization. We honor outstanding service and contribution to the IDA through the Teresa McDonald Coach of the Year Award.

  • 2024 Michelle Mercier, Florida State University
  • 2023 Adrie Hoogsteen, Rutgers University
  • 2022 Mimi Combs, University of Virginia
  • 2019 Courtney Monarch, Miami University
  • 2018 Sarah Simms, Centenary University
  • 2017 Lynae Ormsby, UC Davis
  • 2016 Ann Fowler, Cazenovia College
  • 2015 Breann DePietro, Delaware Valley College
  • 2014 Kari Briggs, Otterbein University
  • 2013 Crystal Taylor, Johnson & Wales University
  • 2012 Bonnie Timmerman, University of Vermont
  • 2011 Ginger Henderson, Averett University
  • 2010 Suzanne Mente, University of Massachusetts
  • 2009 Teresa McDonald, Virginia Tech
  • 2008 Lisa Moosmueller-Terry, Virginia Intermont College
  • 2007 Rebecca Schurink, Mount Holyoke College
  • 2006 Sarah Marchese, Centenary College
  • 2005 Jackie Dwelle, St. Andrews Presbyterian College