The 2022 TheraPlate Intercollegiate Dressage National Championships begin in Lexington, Virginia, this Friday, April 22nd. This year, twelve schools will be going head to head to earn the title of National Champion, while 23 schools will put their school spirit to the test for a chance to win the highly coveted KTB Creative Group Spirit Award.


Region A & B

After a first-place win at their final show in early April, the Johnson & Wales Equestrian IDA team secured their title of Northeast Regional Team Champions and qualified to compete at the National Championships. This weekend the representing squad will consist of Claire Decker, Juliana Marchetti, Brenna Stephens, and Grace Dolans.

Mount Holyoke College qualified for Nationals earlier this month as Reserve Team Champions of their region. This weekend, they will send Carlie Poworoznek, Kathryn Seery, Madigan Stichter, and Madison Hurley to compete.

Region C

With a long history as Regional Team Champions from 2015 to 2019, Centenary University has done it again! Riding for Centenary University this weekend is Sophia Wayner, Morgan Chedister, Isabella Nye, and Jodie Miller.

After a marathon couple of weeks that included placing third at Delaware Valley University and second at the Centenary University competition, Penn State Dressage finished second in their region and are represented by riders Olivia Kerr, Morgan Prichard, Katrina Cole, and Olivia Dunshee this weekend.

Region D & E

Started in 2008, the dressage team at Miami University of Ohio attends 4-5 Regional IDA shows a year. As Regional Team Champions, this year’s team at the National Championships will consist of Hallie Goss, Sami Scigouski, Isabel Tuckett, and Eva Fritsch. 

The Otterbein University dressage team won the title of IDA National  Champions in 2019 and are back this year with riders Valerie Golden, Jenna McPeek, Lily Syah, and Isabella Coburn to defend their title.

Region H

The Emory & Henry College dressage team has a long history of success at the National Championships, including wins in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. This year’s team consists of Lindsay Shaw, Sofia Inchausti, Makayla Williams, and Rebecca Pagnini.

The University of Virginia dressage team won Reserve Champion in their region after placing second at their final show of the season. This weekend, the team will send Elena Carrion, Taya Lorenz, Annalise Eaton, and Scout Bale to compete.

Region I

After claiming High Point Team at Wake Forest University in their final show of the season, Averett University became Region I’s Team Champions. The Averett University team for the 2022 National Championship Competition consists of Elizaveta Anikeeva, Annie Morgan, Breanna Gemmel, and Elizabeth Arquiett.

St. Andrews University dressage team placed reserve champion in their region after another successful season. This weekend, Amy Abromovich, Jessie Sprague, Lyndsey Cavanaugh, and Alexis Grimes will be riding for the University to try to win the title of National Champion.

Region J

University of Florida’s dressage team has been ramping up all season with an impressive list of accomplishments at their last two shows of the season. Additionally, every single regional champion from Region J was a University of Florida rider! Ashley Sanders, Katie Szewczyk, Gabriella Winkler, and Alex Cooper will be representing their team this weekend.

Wildcard Slot

Filling in the Wildcard slot, the University of New Hampshire will be competing with riders Mackenzie Hill, Caroline Fernald, Sarah Lombardi, and Emily Sandler.

Individual riders will represent the following schools: 


First Level Qualifiers 

Elizaveeta Anikeeva- Averett University 

Ashley Sanders- University of Florida 

Valerie Golden- Otterbein University 

Sarah Bradbury- Lake Erie College 

Amy Abramovich- St. Andrews University 

Sophia Wayner- Centenary University 

Elizabeth Kness-Rutgers University 

Lindsay Shaw- Emory & Henry College 

Elena Carrion-University of Virginia 

Claire Decker- Johnson & Wales University 

Kathryn Channing- Johnson & Wales University 

Leonhard Zenneck- Emory & Henry University


Upper Training Level Qualifiers 

Annie Morgan- Averett University 

Katie Szewczyk- University of Florida 

Katie Zufall- University of Findlay 

Sami Scigouski- Miami University of Ohio

 Jessie Sprague- St. Andrews University 

Morgan Chedister- Centenary University 

Erin Feiner- Cazenovia College 

Sophia Inchausti- Emory & Henry College 

Nicole Chapman-Virginia Tech 

Kathrine Seery- Mount Holyoke College 

Juliana Marchetti- Johnson & Wales University

 Michael Tichy- Centenary University


Lower Training Level Qualifiers

Breanna Gemmel- Averett University 

Gabriella Winkler- University of Florida 

Isabel Tuckett- Miami University 

Katie Wegman-Otterbein University 

Lyndsey Cavanaugh- St. Andrews University 

Isabella Nye- Centenary University 

Katrina Cole- Penn State University 

Makalyn Williams- Emory & Henry College 

Annalise Eaton-University of Virginia 

Brenna Stephens- Johnson & Wales University 

Anna Murphy- University of Massachusetts 

Rebecca Matthews- Centenary University 


Introductory Level Qualifiers 

Eva Fritsch-Miami University

 Isabelle Coburn- Otterbein University 

Alexis Grimes- St. Andrews University 

Abbigale Callahan-St. Andrews University 

Georgia Comer- Wesleyan College

 Jodie Miller- Centenary University 

Delaney Lindquist- Cazenovia College 

Scout Bale- University of Virginia 

Rebecca Pagnini-Emory & Henry College 

Emily Sandler- University of New Hampshire 

Maddie Hurley- Mount Holyoke College 

Olivia Pagano- Johnson & Wales University

Georgia Comer- Wesleyan College

Dressage Seat Equitation riders will represent the following schools: 


First Level 

Anna Lawrence- Wake Forest University 

Emily Steffen- University of Florida 

Hannah Frantz-Florida State University 

Devin Dolan-NC State University 

Eliza Merritt- Appalachian State University 

Ava Harry- Emory & Henry College 


Upper Training Level

Sarah Walton-Lake Erie College 

Caroline Williams-Miami University of Ohio 

Lauren Hill-University of Virginia 

Katherine Edwards- St. Andrews University 

Talia Brooks- NC State University 

 Deborah Young-University of Findlay


Lower Training Level

Julia Junker-Wake Forest University

Mia Hughes- Averett University 

Makenna Owens-University of Florida 

Olivia Moreland- Florida State University 

Kyla Long- University of Findlay 

Taoni Hickey-Otterbein University 

Elizabeth Parker- Virginia Tech 

Lina Prillaman- Emory & Henry College


 Introductory Level

Meilyn Norman-Wake Forest University 

Elyse Kenney- Averett University 

Leah Hopson-University of Florida 

Aubrey Dickens-Otterbein University 

Kaylee Horton-Lake Erie College 

Riley Childress- Virginia Tech 

Elizabeth Mudlaff- Emory & Henry College 

Bridget Dale- NC State University

The 2022 TheraPlate Intercollegiate Dressage Championships will occur April 22nd-24th, 2022, at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia. For more information on IDA Nationals, click here.